Dawn J. Bennett

When it comes to handling financial and investment decisions, only thorough professionals like Dawn J. Bennett can come to the rescue. This is because investment market is quite volatile. Graphs and figures change on an hourly basis here. If you want to safeguard your hard earned money, making wise decisions beforehand is pretty necessary.

Who Am I?

I am Dawn J. Bennett, the CEO, and owner of Bennett Group Financial Services, LLC, situated in Washington, D.C. I have worked for more than three decades as an employee in several esteemed organizations prior to starting my own venture.

I have brought in the experience of dealing with diverse people, situations and market conditions in Bennett Group Financial Services, LLC. It is something you gain only through hard work, dedication and years of service. My experience and my educational background are the greatest asset I could ever have. My educational journey started by being graduated from the University of Utah. I also attended the Wharton school of business to complete investment management and Middlebury College.

My Social Presence

Some of you might have heard me talking at a radio talk show called as “Financial Myth Busting with Dawn Bennett.” It is a nationally syndicated weekly program in which I aim to cover a wide range of political subjects and financial issues that affect the investors, common mass and the nation as well. I have always focused on serving the people with best of my knowledge, enlightening them with varied financial aspects and alerting them to invest wisely.
I have contributed to thirty major news publications including Fortune Magazine, the New York Times, Business Week and the Washington Post. You can learn more about my views on finance and investment at several media outlets or national news networks such as Bloomberg Television, CNBC, CNN, Fox News Network etc.

Other than this, you can find me as a guest in interviews conducted by esteemed personalities. In the past, I have hosted shows with guests like Senator Rand Paul, Ed Moy, the Director of the U.S. Mintand Patrick Byrne, the CEO and President of a renowned company Overstock.com.
How Do I Work?

I carry the same zeal while working with my clients at Bennett Group Financial Services, LLC. My enthusiasm reflects in my way of working where I personally devote a handful of time in knowing my clients. I make sure to discuss the requirements of the clients thoroughly before advising them anything. I would always dig deep to know why you need me, what do you expect from your investments etc. All this information is necessary to carve out solutions suiting the client’s needs.

Though I have several pre-designed programs at Bennett Group Financial Services, LLC, these solutions are customized to meet my client’s needs. I believe everyone’s financial requirements and expectations are different and so the solution should be. You can easily gather about different investment alternatives over the web but knowing what’s best for you is not a cake walk. Many factors such as the trends, previous records and a lot more affect the performance of an option in the market these days.